About us

nanoEMI is a startup targeted to solve problem of electromagnetic interference (EMI) or electromagnetic compatibility
(EMC) of devices. We think that the methods people were using to address this issue so far are not effi
cient enough. Using new materials we would like to propose a disruptive solution in the form of a composite
material which is applicable in mass-scale production processes.

In our activity we focused on development of composite materials which:
• have function of blocking of electromagnetic radiation
• are isotropic
• can be used in mass-scale production processes (injection molding, thermal forming, 3D printing)
• minimize refl ection in the shielding mechanism
• are lightweight
nanoEMI is a spin-off company from the Warsaw University of Technology in Poland. Our group comprises expertise in nanotechnology,
materials science, electronics, industrial processes, commercialization and business strategy.


Phone: +48 731 428 959
E-mail: info@nanoemi.com